Saturday, March 13, 2010

Camden Lake complaint 03/12/10

To: EPA Region 4

Please accept the following complaint on behalf of John L. Wathen and Friends of Hurricane Creek concerning Builders Group Dev. Camden Lake

ALR 16B471. (BGD)

On 03/02,08,10/10, BGD had the following violations…

 Failed to properly install and maintain BMPs.

Failed to contain construction debris.

Allowed off-site tracking of mud and construction debris into streets.

Failed to provide adequate ground cover throughout the entire development.

Failed to provide approved gravel drive entrances to construction sites.

 Failed to provide adequate stormwater inlet protection.

Failed to provide a retention or detention pond as required.

                a.The basin found on the property is a lake and does not have a stand-pipe, trash screen or any other means of holding any storm surge.

Failed to provide adequate slope grade vegetation.

                 a. Many slopes throughout the subdivision are failing. The most notable is along the unnamed tributary of Cottondale Creek, directly across from Covington Villas. Inadequate measures have been taken to stabilize but all are failing. This will soon be in the creek along with any house built above it.

On 03/02,10/10, allowed turbid, silt laden water to leave the site into the unnamed tributary to Cottondale Creek.

There is NO ongoing construction in Williamsburg except one lot that has been idle for months.
There is NO ongoing construction at Abbey Trace where extensive attention has recently been paid to BMPs.

In my opinion, Williamsburg is contributing also, but most of the turbidity and sediment entering the unnamed tributary of Cottondale Creek can be directly traced back to BGD, Camden Lake.

Slopes surrounding the lake are bare in many places with failing or non-existent BMPs.

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