Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Woodlands Flooding, not and Act of God

Joe Robinson made the statement below. He is referring to the rain on the 26th. What about the other 3 flooding events that were NOT excessive rain?
"We cannot design for the really heavy rain events," Robinson said, "just like we can't design McFarland Boulevard to handle (University of Alabama football) game-day traffic. Sometimes, you're just going to have that flooding regardless." (Tuscaloosa News)

Joe also said:"Joe Robinson, head of the Office of the City Engineer, said his office has documented three occasions of flooding on Hargrove Road in the past three months. He said he thinks they're all linked to the Woodlands development. Until the development was built, Robinson said the last time he recalled flooding across Hargrove Road near Snow Hinton Park was in 1979." (Tuscaloosa News)

"Frederick, in 1979, dumped heavy rainfall across much of the eastern United States: 8 to 12 inches"
4 floods in 4 months is just BAD PLANNING!

While Maddox and others have expressed concern about the effect The Woodlands has had on the Hargrove Road drainage basin — concerns that have kept the city from issuing a certificate of occupancy for the 350-unit complex — they take issue with the claim that poor city oversight allowed the problem. (Tuscaloosa News)

The mayor and council have "taken issue" with almost everything I have ever said. You decide who is right. Do you really want this to continue? Tell the city you want a watershed management expert on the planners and or council and an independent wetland and stream assessment. (Not from a local engineer who caters to developers) We have paved far too much of our headwater streams for profit while not protecting downstream residents. Change politics or change politicians (That's my opinion.)

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  1. Thank you for posting this video. It is proof that there was poor planning and poor response to the flooding issues. I live on Elmira Drive and we have had half of our backyard flooded. My heart goes out to the residence who are flooded every time there is a flash flood. We've gotten notes on who to call and have called continuously. After reading the articles about city managers requiring the Woodlands management to make adjustments are laughable. I drive by daily and no changes are being done. The only thing that I see are the throngs of students who are giddy and cant wait to move in. In the meantime, my neighbors must hope that they don't get flooded every time it rains. Thank you again for the video. It is clearly what is needed to show the impact of the lack of response from the Woodlands management. To my neighbors along hargrove, please let me know what I can do to help you. I can only imagine the difficulties the flooding brings to your lives. SMH


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