Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CREEKKEEPER launches new patrol boat

Some of you remember the tornado of Apr. 27, 2011 when our lives changed forever.

Among the damage was the destruction of my CREEKKEEPER patrol boat. a tree went through one side poking a large hole in the side. Then a bass boat sitting nearby came down on it crushing the hull making a crack about 6 feet long down the side. Needless to say It was irreparable.

Word went out to my fellow WATERKEEPER family and low and behold donations were sent to replace my boat.
Here, ladies and gents is the new and improved patrol boat for Your Hurricane CREEKKEEPER.
Lettering courtesy of Tuscaloosa Sign Co. in the Hurricane Creek Watershed.

It is a 16 foot Wenonah Prospector I found at Terrapin Creek Canoe Rentals. It had a small blemish on the hull where a kayak fell on it. Wait a year and no one will ever see it again, I promise to put more dings in it working for you.

It is lighter than the old boat and a little shorter. The rocker (upward curve in the hull) is almost as extreme as my old Blue Hole making it turn on a dime in rough water.

I can't wait to launch this baby as soon as I get the chance. Anyone up for a paddle trip?
Letters by Tuscaloosa Sign Co. in the Hurricane Creek watershed


  1. Beautiful, John! Bon voyage; bust some bad guys. Here's to a day with no more bad guys, only good stewards of abundant, clean water in our swamps, creeks, and rivers.

    Gordon Rogers
    One of Your Biggest Fans

  2. Gordon, Come paddle with me. I promise we can find some bad guys together and write em up!

  3. Carry on wayward son!

  4. I am going to out it in the creek this weekend for it's maiden voyage patrol.


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