Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott Bridge Co. Accepts Stewardship Award

Steve Gilbert, Scott Bridge Co, addresses FoHC

Scott Bridge Company's Steve Gilbert accepts "Environmental Stewardship Award" from Friends of Hurricane Creek.
 The award was given according to John L. Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper, for exemplary "Best Management Practices"

Wathen had this to say,
“While rebuilding the railroad trestle over Hurricane Creek, Scott Bridge Company has done an exemplary job of controlling erosion and runoff on their job site.  They have gone far beyond the minimum required by the law.  In fact, there have been times when the water coming off of the site behind their turbidity curtains has been clearer than the water coming from upstream.  Scott Bridge Co. showed up here and right away started not only replacing the bridge but helping storm victims and neighbors. They have shown nothing but the utmost respect for this waterway and our community.”

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