Monday, September 14, 2009

Jamestown VIllas Complaint Photos 08.31.09

These photos accompanied the citizen complaint shown below in post entitled "Citizen Complaint Jamestown Villas"

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  1. These comments are directly from Mr. Chad Christian's response to our complaint about Jamestown Villas...
    "The main difference at Jamestown is phased construction. He is not going to grade the entire site at once which should help tremendously. I went out there today around 10 am and talked to Jimmy on site and observed some work. They do have silt fences up and appear to be preserving a large buffer along the creek. I pointed out that his permit was not conspicuously posted. He said you were welcome to come onto the site and call him, etc. and he seemed determined to do a good job on this site. I will make a special effort to visit the site as often as possible as well. I wish that a detention pond was not needed, because it disturbs a lot of area which could be open space otherwise – however the density necessitates it for the protection of the creek from peak flow increases and to help with water quality issues. The PUD issue and their associated density as a whole will be tackled this summer as John and OPED staff begin to look at the subdivision regulations with input from the OCE and all stakeholders."

    Mr. Christian,
    Would you explain what happened?


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