Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Covington Villas complaint to city

The following is a citizen complaint sent to the head of Tuscaloosa Engineering, Mr. Joe Robinson. It was filed the same day as another at Camden Lake.

While you have your guys out there you might want to look into Mr. Jimmy Burns at Covington Villas. You know Mr. Burns I am sure. He is the owner of Jamestown Villas you spoke so well of at the city council meeting. We asked that night not to allow the annexation due to his record as a bad actor. We predicted to the letter what would happen at Jamestown Villas if you approved it.
Mr Burns track record so far...

I turned in this site at Covington Villas through the 311 system and was told to contact the "Alabama Environmental Protection Agency">?
I reported to Chad on the 31st of august and got this response...
"John – got your message and will discuss with Joe on his return next week. I will suggest incorporating some new “keywords” to streamline their process for Joe Citizen. As you can imagine 311 receives all types of complaints and are constantly evolving to respond appropriately."

Here is a photo of that site taken 08/30/09

Here is the same site today...

Once again, I ask why the city chose not to act on this violator for over two weeks? All inspections were passed.

This was sent to Joe Robinson on 09/17/09. Here is the site today, 09/21/09


  1. these are not the same homes. look at the tree line behind the homes. one backs up to the trees and one backs up to the homes on the lower level. I know because I own a home there.

  2. You are right. The are 3 or 4 homes being built back there and none are in compliance. All are part of Covington Villas.

    I will post an aerial for perspective.

  3. As you can see from the aerial above, there are more than one house being built on this site. All are in non-compliance.

  4. Hello,
    I was considering purchasing a home in Covington Villas. Can someone explain to me what's going on? I don't want to fork over money for a home in an unsafe area..Thanks for explaining...

  5. I can't speak to the safety of Covington Villas. As far as I know it is a nice area and low crime.

    The construction of and within the subdivision has been the subject of several environmental violations and is under investigation by ADEM and EPA. THe violations stem from lack of erosion and sediment controls at the site.


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